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Any website or seller claiming that their software will let you see all the other poker players' cards is not being entirely truthful. The short answer is that, yes, it is possible to see other players cards using free software, BUT (and it's a huge BUT) you need to install some software on that persons computer first in order to do it. This is fine if that person is someone you know and you have access to their computer, but if you don't then you cannot see his/her cards whilst playing poker.

Here's what you do. Go to this website and download the TightVNC program. It's free. If you are running Windows then click on the self installing package link, which is currently tightvnc-1.2.9-setup.exe (there might be a newer version there by the time you read this). Click on the file link and then download the file. Make sure you save the installation program to your hard drive.

The idea now is that you take this installation program and install it on the PC to want to 'watch'. This will probably involve copying the installation program onto a floppy (does anyone still use these!), CDROM or USB pen device. If the PC you want to watch is connected to the internet (and it will need to be if you want to watch it remotely), then you can just download and install the program that way. Run the installation program on the PC you want to observer and then run the TightVNC server (start->All programs->TightVNC->Launch TightVNC Server) and then set a password on the main setup windows. Finally you need to know the IP address off this computer. Click Start->Run and type cmd. Then in the box that pops up type ipconfig. Make a note of the IP address. If you are on the same network (e.g. at work) this will work fine, otherwise you'll need to get the IP address from the ISP. Use this link to get the IP address and make a note of it.

Go back to your PC and install the program on there. Run the TightVNC viewer. Now enter the IP address of the target machine and type in the password you saved in the machines TightVNC server above. That's it! You can now watch and control the target PC.

This just goes to show how useless this technique is! When playing poker online you have no idea where the players are and what their computer IP address is, let alone be able to hack in an install software on their machine! Most people have firewalls and so this technique is impossible to use. It's good for a joke at home though if you want to have fun with another memory of your family by 'controlling' their PC ©.

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