Curt Frye

First off, I'd like to thank Doug for coming up with the idea for this book. Good ideas often seem obvious in retrospect, but I'm surprised no one had ever gone beyond the basics of tracking your poker results or how to use the Wilson Software Turbo Poker series to test your strategies. I'd also like to thank Mitzi Koontz, our acquisitions editor, for putting her faith and her company's money into this project. Kim Benbow did a great job editing our text: tweaking here, querying there, and helping to fix the inevitable repetitions that crop up when two writers work in parallel. Thanks also go out to Mike Tanamachi for his interior design and to Danielle Foster for the interior layout.

I'd also like to thank my agent, Neil Salkind, and David and Sherry Rogelberg of StudioB. They've helped my writing career take off.

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