What is your goal

This book will teach you to be a solid low-limit hold'em player. Like the best poker authors before us, we emphasize tight but aggressive play; this means you won't play many hands. You may find watching a lot of hands, as opposed to playing a lot of hands, boring. If your goal at the poker table is to have fun, do a lot of gambling, and catch an occasional miracle card, then you should not follow our recommendations. There is not a thing wrong with this approach to poker; however, you will not be a consistent winner. If that doesn't bother you, and you can afford the cost of your entertainment, we hope you enjoy yourself. On the other hand, if you get your satisfaction from winning the most money in your poker game, then you're on the right track by i reading this book.

Note also that your opponents at the table will have different reasons for being at the table as well. Understanding their reasons for playing is a powerful tool to help you beat them.

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