Pot odds

Some drawing hands that are easy calls post-flop in "structured" games (e.g., $3-$6) are not as clear in spread limit. Since the post-flop bet may be as much as two or four times the pre-flop bet, you must think about your odds before calling with a draw.

Sometimes you can use the bet size to minimize an investment you're not altogether happy about making. Perhaps you're on the button and have flopped the nut flush draw in a $1-4-8-8 spread limit game. Now there's a bet of $2 in front of you and one caller. You'd like to get a free card on the turn if necessary, but there aren't enough people in the pot to make a raise for value correct. Therefore, you might raise $2. This is a common enough practice (raising the bet size rather than the maximum) that it shouldn't attract too much attention. However, it may make the original bettor check on the turn.

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