If there is a raise in front of you

Playing from last position, you'll have a pretty good idea of the effect of the raise. If the raise happened in early position but a bunch of people have called it already, you know that the pot will lay you proper odds for your drawing hands. If the raise happens in late position after a lot of calls, you're probably still okay since very few players will call one bet and then throw their cards away for a single raise.1

You're going to get tired of hearing me say this, but I'll say it again: if there's a raise in front of you, look for an excuse to get rid of your cards. If you wouldn't call a raise cold with it in middle position, don't call a raise cold with it in late position. However, you'll get to play a few more hands because you'll have a better idea of how many opponents you'll have.

'This intuitive behavior — to call a single raise after you've already committed one bet — is generally correct. At that point, the pot is laying you a very high price for a single bet (assuming you don't fear a re-raise).

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