A word of warning

In tighter games, you can use the flop to decide the chances that you're up against two pair already. However, in a no fold'em hold'em game, many players are capable of showing you any two cards. For instance, in a tighter hold'em game you'd be more inclined to play overcards with a flop of T-5-2 since it would be unlikely somebody already had two pair. In lower limit games, you will see people win big pots with T5. This is another reason why it's a marginal play to continue with just overcards in low-limit hold'em games.

You will routinely see your opponents continue playing (even calling a raise cold) with two overcards to the flop. You will also occasionally be sitting on the sidelines watching when your overcards would have made the best hand. Have faith, and throw them away the next time, too. For low-limit hold'em players, flopping two overcards is a marginal case of our next topic: what to do when the flop misses you completely.

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