To perform the Throw Cut, take the deck as shown in Fig. 17 and swing vn"r right hand and arm to the left, then tilt the deck and pull your right hand back fast, leaving behind the top half of the deck minus the top card.

Before making the Throw Cut, I like to call out the Ace.

"Let's go for mega bucks. The Ace of Diamonds." You say. After the throw cut tell someone to turn the top card over. They are dazzled when they indeed see The Ace of Diamonds!

Pick up the cards on the table and place them over the rest of the deck in your left hand. (The Ace of Diamonds stays on the table. )

The Ace of Clubs is next and it is second from the top of your deck. I call "Power. Let's have the Ace of Clubs." You repeat the Throw Cut and have the top card turned over. It is the Ace of Clubs ยป on the table.

You are then challenged. "Can you do the cut with the cards face up. "I never tried it that way but it should not be difficult. You turn the deck face up and say "OH! mio Amore, mio Core (or whatever) Give me the Ace of Hearts." do the Throw Cut and the Ace of Hearts will now be totally exposed at the top of the face-up cut.

"Curses," you say. "Has anyone noticed that the Ace of Spades, the Devil's own card has not turned up yet? "The Ace of Spades is the hardest to find BUT I have not missed yet." Turn the deck face-down and do the Throw Cut. "Look at the top card." you say.

A viewer turns over the top card, the Five of Spades and says, "You missed." "Don't tell me that. I never miss. I play for high stakes and can not afford to miss. That five tells me that the Ace of Spades is the fifth card down the deck."

"I do not believe it." says one of the viewers.

"Great! How about a little bet, say $500. I bet &500 that the Ace of Spades is in fifth position, right now, from the top of the deck."

The chump puts up the $500. "And I tell you what. I'll let you count the cards in your own hands."

Right there the chump knew that he had been had. "If he lets me count the cards with the deck In my hands then he is sure the

Ace is there." So the chump decides not to take any chances. He counts to the fourth card and then deals seconds for the fifth, dealng the sixth card on the table saying, "You missed again!" and then palms off the top card, the fifth card, The Ace of Spades, to be on the sure side.

You do exactly that with the cards in your hands. You deal seconds for the fifth card and palm off the fifth card, The Ace of Spades and then place your hand over the meat-cutting board.

"I told you" said the one-arm gambler. "I never miss." and he whips out his knife and tries to stab the hand on the meat board. The chump pulls back his hand and the knife pierces the card left behind. You can tell it is the Ace of Spades by the mark on the back of it, So - You triumphantly display the Ace of Spades at the point of the knife saying, without looking at it, there is the Ace of Spades ! "

"Don't ever do that again" says the one-arm Gambler, "That is how I lost my arm."

A more dramatic presentsation of card mastery is hard to find. Your audience will be impressed and they will remember the trick for years to come.

If anything proves to your viewers that you are in full command of the Aces, the following will, and will surely dumbfound anyone.

In the mid 1970's I went to visit with Karl Fulves in his home in New Jersey. Karl was always very happy when visitors came. John Scarne and other biggies were regular visitors.

Karl had just finished his second printing of "Karl Fulves

Faro and Riffle Technique." The book, is masssive containing 90

pages and jammed packed with fabulous techniques. (recommended reading [If you can find one})

Karl offered to show me what was in the book. It is only natural that he would wish to show me what he thought was the very best in the book. So he took a deck of cards and cut them in half.

One half of the deck was then shuffled into the other. Fulves pretended to push the two halves flush with each other BUT he actually left inch of the cards sticking both ends. Karl then the two halves by pulling and LO! and Behold!

the deck had one card FROM THE CENTER OF EACH

about one out from separated them apart Each half of sticking out

Fig. 19

Karl asked me to take the two cards out and turn them face-up. THE TWO CARDS WERE ACES! I was stunned BUT Karl was not finished yet. He repeated the same moves and then pulled the two halves apart and Would You Belive it. Karl turnedhis hands over and there were the other two Aces! I had just seen diabolical magic. Satanic is a better word. Fig. 20

Fig. 20

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