Where to Go from Here

This book is intended to be both a beginning and a guide. After reading to this point, you should be able to hold your own in the typical low-limit Hold'em games found in public cardrooms and casinos. However, since Hold'em is a rich, complex, and changing game, there is much more to learn. A number of valuable books exist on Hold'em and poker, in general. The strategic framework outlined in Chapter 6 is meant to guide both your approaches to playing poker and your comprehension of further readings on poker. This last section of the book contains information on further reading and places to play.

In preparing this book, I read extensively on poker and Hold'em. In Chapter 9,1 summarize books on Hold'em and books on poker, in general, that influenced me the most. The Web also contains a wealth of information, much of it free to Web-surfers. I summarize the contents of some of the major Web sites devoted to poker. Most of these Web sites have updated links to further information.

Of course the real fun in poker isn't reading, it is playing. Chapter 10 has information on places to play, both in person and online. The list is not comprehensive and is only as up-to-date as the publication of this book, but it shows that playing opportunities exist in many locations throughout the country.

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