Terminology Acronyms and Conventions used in this book

Here are some of the terminology, acronyms and conventions used in this book. A glossary is provided in the appendices.

A, K, Q, J, T - Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens are denoted with just their first letter. Cards 2 thru 9 are denoted with their number.

A's, K's, 5's - the plural of any card is shown with a 's. For example, a pair of 6's. Overcards - when your two hole cards are both higher than any card on the board Overpair - when you have a pocket pair whose rank is higher than any card on the board Split Pair - when you have a pair using one of your hole cards and one on the board Top Pair - a split pair with the highest card on the board

Outs - describes the number of cards that improves your hand to the best hand. An open-ended straight draw would have eight outs

Open-raise - the act of raising in the pre-Flop round when all other players before have already folded

AKo - the "o" after the two cards denotes that the two cards are of different suits

AKs - the "s" after the two cards denotes that the two cards are of the same suit.

A*KA - when there is a suit after both cards, it denotes the actual suit of the card. A*KA would denote the Ace of Clubs and the King of Spades

J*T^9* - this would show a board of Jack of Clubs, Ten of Diamonds, Nine of Clubs J-T-9 rainbow - the cards have different suits and the suits are not relevant to the hand. K-J-x - when this notation is used to describe the board, it means that the third card, the "x" is a smaller card and is not important to the discussion. In this case, it means the "x" card is not a A, K, Q, J, T or 9 because any of those cards would be relevant.

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