• 1) Play the first 2 positions like a full table with few exceptions; make as much as you can by others getting in there with bad hands
  • 2) Play the last two positions more aggressively - lean on the blinds, if you have a respectable hand, try to isolate a single limper - the blinds in SH are often very loose, and limpers often call with very bad hands (like 89o) and will call station down a tiny pair against a late position rase- you wouldnt beleive how often ive been called down, literally with bottom pair/worst kicker. (Of course, every now n then its good, and that can be embarassing)
  • 3) Check raise as often as you can

Well, so much for my wit n wisdom. If you guys would like one final post, then i will, at some point. Hopefully i didnt make some dreadful screwup with anyhting i said somewhere in there...use at your own risk—

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