Minimum Playing Requirements For Open Blind

Minimum to play Your (If no other player has

Position called or raised the blind)

8th (Dealer) Any Pair or an Ace with a Face Card

(Pairs smaller than Fives should be played cautiously and sometimes discarded.)

7th Pair of Eights

6th Pair of Jacks

5th Pair of Kings

4th Pair of Aces or any Two-Pair

3rd Pair of Aces or selected Two-Pair

2nd Pair of Aces or selected Two-Pair

Even though you have a bet in already, don't call routinely when you're in the Blind (1st position). You need Aces to call a tight early raiser, Kings to call a middle-position raiser, Jacks to call a 7th position raiser, and one Ace to call the dealer if he tends to raise liberally. That's right, against the dealer (when just the two of you are in the pot) you can often call his raise, draw four and make money!

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