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"Bobby won all the money again". . .that's what my friend "Iron Man" told me a couple of years ago during one of his frequent visits to Vegas. After having played twenty years in Texas I was naturally curious about what was happening. Everytime I talked I got the same answer.

Some young kid I didn't even know had taken over where I had left off. I couldn't believe it possible that some unknown like Bobby Baldwin would come along and dominate the group of good Poker players I knew inhabited the southern States. Quite frankly, I was getting pretty irritated hearing about this "Bobby". I thought to myself: wait until I get this kid across the table from me. . .I'll destroy him.

Well, I finally got him across that table. The first thing I knew I was forty thousand loser trying to run over him. I finally settled down and got even in that game but Bobby won all the money again. I knew how Pat Garrett must have felt about Billy the Kid about a hundred years ago.

After I finally got to know Bobby, it wasn't very hard to understand how he mastered Hold 'em in such a short period of time. He approaches all Poker games with such professional diligence and intensity he absorbs the "fine points" much easier than most.

The longer I play with "The Owl", the more I watch in amazement at the subtle, intricate maneuvers and strategy he uses that took me years to perfect.

Even though Bobby is my expert on Limit Hold 'em, it's obvious he's an all-around Poker player. This fact was borne out in the 1977 World Series of Poker when he won both the Seven-Card Stud championship ($45,000) and the Deuce-to-Seven Lowball championship ($90,000). He also made it to the last table in the No-Limit Hold 'em championship. He's quite a Poker player.. .no matter what the game is.

Bobby is one of the handful of Poker Professionals who doesn't care who's playing, what they're playing or how high the stakes are. He simply walks up to the table and says "deal me in". He has so much raw talent that he can at least hold his own in any Poker game. And he's so superaggressive that I sometimes wonder if he doesn't get a sore arm from shoving all his checks to the center of the pot so often. However, his aggressiveness belies the fact that he's one of the most pleasant and gracious persons I've ever known.. .a true Southern gentleman.

Bobby lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has no immediate plans to move to Las Vegas where gambling is legal. He prefers the life of a traveling Poker player, going where the action is at that particular time. And that includes the very big games in Vegas. Since he's only a phone call away, he "mysteriously" shows up whenever there's a No-Limit game or when they're playing $1000 Limit Hold 'em.

Being on the road constantly is a tough life — I can tell you from experience. Chasing that white line down the middle of the highway is an exciting and rewarding way of life. . .if you're good at what you do. And Bobby is good — one of the best in the world. There's a lot of self-satisfaction running down the toughest Poker games. . .and beating them.

And the one thing I know that's abundantly clear is this: Bob Baldwin is a young man who won't be satisfied until he reaches the top. And, I rather expect I'll be meeting him again and again across that green felt battlefield.

Note: In May of 1978, just after Super/System's First Edition was published, Bobby Baldwin won the World Championship.

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