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While online players can make expensive mistakes more quickly, live players in a casino have their own temptations to deal with. The most obvious of these are the little temptations sitting right outside the poker loom: craps tables, roulette, slots, and, for many players, blackjack.24 Everybody knows that these games are losing propositions, but they can be very tempting if you are stuck and want a quick way to get back to even.

That's not to say that it is definitively wrong to play games other than poker. If you play responsibly, games in which the casino has an edge We just another way of paying for entertainment, like spending money Ofl going to a movie or a ballgame. Just take heed of two warnings:

  1. Never use these games in an attempt to "get back to even." In the long term, you will lose money at these games, so the most likely scenario is that you will just make a bad situation worse.
  2. Don't gamble at stakes that will seriously eat into your poker winnings. There is no point in playing poker for three hours with an expected earn rate of $20 per hour and then playing roulette for an hour with $20 bets on your way out. If you really must play these games, play at stakes as small as you can bear, and try not to do it every time you play poker. If you get into the habit of gambling in games you can't beat, it can end up being a huge leak.

There are other less-obvious things that tempt you in a casino, which can lead to additional losses. The big hidden enemy of many players is alcohol. Why do many casinos give you free alcohol when you are playing? It's not because they are especially generous, but because they know you are more

We say "many players" for blackjack because, under certain circumstances, it is possible to play blackjack with positive expectation. However, most players don't understand the game well enough to profit from it.

likely to play longer if you are not only getting something "for free" but if you're also drunk.

Drinking alcohol is a bad idea when playing for meaningful stakes. If you can't resist getting a drink when the cocktail waitress comes around (it will only cost you a $ 1 tip, after all), then get something nonalcoholic. It is impossible to know how much your play is adversely affected by alcohol, which varies from player to player, so why take the chance?

Action Point: It can be fun to drink while playing poker and you can! If you want to drink, play at low limits where the money you lose is not meaningful to you. If it is something you enjoy, then play one session per week in a low limit or home game where you can relax, unwind, and have fun with a few drinks without losing significant money.

Remember that when playing poker in a casino, it is often more difficult to walk away when you know you should. You may have had a long journey to get there and planned a good five-hour session at the tables. It is difficult after an hour to quit and go home for a "small" reason, such as playing badly or not finding a good game. You might be tempted to carry on playing, or you might make the right decision mid quit but then spend all of your money somewhere else, like the bar, the buffet, or the craps table.

Casinos are designed to make you spend money, so unless you are playing poker with an edge, you really want to spend as little time in them as possible.

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