It lessens the pressure to win

If your poker bankroll and your real-life finances are intertwined, then the inevitable result is that your poker fortunes and your overall financial security also become intertwined. Losing a lot of money at poker will prove to be a drain on your finances. If you have good results at the tables, you will be able to spend more money on other things.

This can cause you plenty of problems. Even if you only gamble with what you can afford to lose — and so avoid the problem of a downswing causing you serious financial problems — you're still under a lot of pressure to get good results at the table. Every winning session represents a night out, a new outfit, or new furniture. It will be much harder to remove yourself from the short term and make the best decisions for long-term profitability.

If you have a bankroll that stands on its own, you can distance yourself more easily from your short-term results. A bad session won't matter; it won't affect your life away from the table in any way. This takes the pressure off you and allows you to concentrate on making the best decisions. The game will be more enjoyable rather than seem like a job.

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