If you think you are an average player, there is a good chance that you are actually below average. Most players tend to overestimate their own ability while underestimating that of others. This is a trait that you will observe in all areas of life, because most people tend to notice the weak points of others more than their own.

The end result of all of the above is that you will actually need to be far better than average to be a winning poker player. Poker is one endeavor where average is simply not good enough. If you want to make money at poker, you need to strive to be the best player at the table.

Action Point: Develop a plan of action to improve your game. This should include setting aside time to study books, magazines, forums, and hand histories, and should be challenging enough to expand your horizons but not so demanding that you won't stick to it. It's time to step up from being an average player to join the poker elite.

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