Can you make enough money

If you are contemplating a change in career, you will naturally want to know how much you can expect to earn. Fortunately, if you know your long-term earn rate and can do some simple math, then your expected "take-home pay" is easy to calculate. Simply multiply your hourly earn rate by the number of hours you intend to work. You have to be realistic about your working hours. In the long term, you won't want to work 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, for the rest of your life.

Whether this is enough money is, of course, entirely subjective and will depend on your expectations and what you could earn elsewhere. One of the main reasons why professional poker might not be a great career choice for most people is that if you are sharp enough to earn good money playing poker, then you are probably clever enough to earn good money in other fields without the uncertainly that professional poker entails. Make sure that you can earn enough money to support your lifestyle and are not taking a big pay cut because you are seduced by the idea of playing poker instead of working a real job.

Also, take into account that there are lots of hidden expenses for a professional poker player. You will receive no paid holidays and no sick pay. If you take a vacation or can't work one day because you are ill, then this comes straight out of your paycheck. You also won't receive benefits such as health insurance or life insurance. If you want these things (health insurance is almost a must for US residents), then you will need to pay for them yourself.

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