Bad play makes you money in the long term

As illustrated in the example above, every time your opponent makes a bad call against you, you make money, regardless of whether or not you actually win the hand. Over the course of thousands of hands, luck will cease to be a factor, and you will reap the rewards of playing good poker. In fact, bad play is the only thing that makes you money, so don't complain about it.

Action Point: One of the most common bad beat stories | concerns a big pocket pair being cracked by a pair of random suited cards that should never have been in the pot. Carry | out this experiment. Take a pack of cards and remove the two black aces and the ten and seven of spades (these are your two hands). Shuffle the remainder of the deck and deal out five cards representing the flop, the turn, and the river, Repeat this experiment several times and note down how often the T* 7 A wins. Complete enough trials and you will eventually notice that the pocket aces win about 80% of the | time.32 Think about this.

Every time you have a big pocket pair and your opponent holds junk suited cards, you are about a 4:1 favorite. You want your opponent to put as much money as possible in the pot. You certainly don't want him to fold, because that decreases your positive expectation. Of course, the 20% of times when they beat you stick in your mind far longer than the 80% of the time when you are being given free money.

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