Private Poker vs Public Poker

Over 95 percent of all poker played in the United States and throughout the world is private poker. Generally, the good poker player can make much more money from private games than from public (club or casino) games. That is why over three-quarters of this book is devoted to explaining concepts for extracting money from private poker games.

Nevertheless, many private-game players will try public poker sometime during their lives. And almost all private-game players will wonder at times:

  • What is it like to play poker in public clubs and casinos? How do those games compare with the games I play in?
  • How well would I do in public poker? Could I win consistently? Could I make a living by playing poker in clubs and casinos?
  • The constant availability of games, players, and money in clubs and casinos seems attractive, but how much would the house cut and professional competition decrease my odds? Could I beat the professional players? Would I encounter cheaters? Could I beat the cheaters?

Part Six answers those questions.

To win consistently in public club and casino poker (such as played in the California card clubs and in the Nevada casinos), the good player must use the Advanced Concepts of Poker that are relevant to public poker.

To compete in public poker, a new player must first understand the differences between private and public poker. Table 30 summarizes the major differences. By understanding them, the good player will know which of the Advanced Concepts of Poker are applicable to public poker.

In addition to the differences listed in Table 30, public poker differs from private poker in minor and subtle ways that influence the good player's strategy. Part Six identifies many of those subtle differences, and the good player will discover others as he plays public poker.

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