Why Does the Author Reveal the Advanced Concepts of Poker

In addition to the answer above (that revealing the Advanced Concepts of Poker will not diminish the good player's profits), the author gives two additional answers:

  1. Compared to playing poker and extracting money from a limited number of players, the potential profit is greater for selling the Advanced Concepts of Poker to 47,000,000 poker players domestically and to an estimated 75,000,000 poker players worldwide.
  2. After writing the Manual and identifying the nature of winning poker as a highly profitable but time-consuming, nonproductive activity that requires bringing out the worst in opponents, the author stopped playing poker.

Poker can work against the good player's self-esteem and happiness no matter how much money he wins since the source of self-esteem and happiness lies in being productive,[ 45 ] and poker is a nonproductive activity. Also, in the long run, a person will almost always earn more money by pursuing productive routes rather than nonproductive or destructive routes.

Furthermore, in poker, the good player must strive to surround himself with losers--with people who are constantly defaulting on the use of their minds--the opposite kind of people whom the good player could respect and enjoy. That poker is not a very satisfying or rewarding way for him to consume large, irreplaceable portions of his life The good player, therefore, may be the biggest loser in the game.

And the superior professional player is perhaps the biggest loser in poker, especially in public poker. Constantly surrounded by losers, he consumes his intelligence and time in a situation that provides a guaranteed income, but offers neither an interesting nor a productive future.

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