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Six commercial poker clubs in Gardena, California, are surveyed in Table 37. Those six clubs provide 210 poker and pan tables with 1680 seats. Throughout California, 400 licensed poker clubs have a potential capacity of 14,000 tables and 112,000 seats. State licensed poker parlors are also found in Montana, Oregon, Washington, and other states.

Thirty-three major casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, are surveyed in Tables 38 and 39. The growing interest in public poker and the attractive profit margins possible from a well-run poker operation have caused sharp increases over the past few years in the number of poker tables in Nevada casinos. In addition to the more than thirty major poker rooms in Las Vegas, at least forty additional casino poker rooms exist in other cities and towns in Nevada. And major casino poker rooms are found in Reno at Cal

Nev, Circus Circus, Harold's Club Harrah's, Horseshoe Club, MGM Grand, and Sahara Reno: and in Lake Tahoe at Park-Tahoe and Sahara Tahoe.

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