Situation and Position

Action strategy depends on the immediate situation and involves decisions about calling, opening, betting, raising, dropping, and bluffing. In making those decisions, the good player correlates the following poker variables to the immediate situation.

  1. Estimated strength] 15 ] and statistical value] 16 ] of his own hand
  2. Game pace temperament atmosphere time (such as first hand, a late hour, last hand) size of pot potential size of pot
  3. Opponents indicated strength attitude attentiveness win or loss status effect of previous bet
  4. Position fundamental technical

The good player appraises his situation from both a fundamental and a technical position. His fundamental position is the estimated strength and statistical value of his hand relative to other players. His technical position is the strategic and psychological advantage he holds over his opponents at a given moment. An important strategical consideration is seat position.

Seat position is important in nearly every decision. The good player adjusts his strategy according to his seat position relative to the dealer, opener, bettor, raiser, and the strong and weak hands. He considers his seat position in decisions about--

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