Making the Game Attractive

A player often tolerates heavy financial losses if he enjoys the game. Also, an attractive game will draw new players The good player makes the game more attractive by--

  • encouraging a carefree and relaxed atmosphere
  • keeping players out of serious arguments or feuds
  • preventing or ameliorating complaints about the game
  • selecting the more pleasant and weaker players for the game, especially when available players are abundant
  • keeping the game well organized
  • keeping the action exciting
  • providing good refreshments and new cards.

John Finn makes certain that at least a dozen new decks of cards are available for every Monday night game. Although the pots are cut to pay for these cards, the players appreciate the luxury. Losers like Sid feel important when they can call for a new deck of cards at their whim, just like big gamblers in a big game. And big gamblers in a big game bet more money.

Other small deeds by John also help make the Monday night game relaxed and carefree. For example, he spends a few dollars on a dozen green plastic eye shades. At three in the morning, when most players are glumly reflecting on their losses, John pulls the eye shades from a brown bag and hands one to each player. Everyone appreciates John's sudden "thoughtful" gift. When Scotty suggests they cut the pot for the eye shades, John refuses with a shaking head and a waving hand. All players smile as they don their green shades and laughingly make remarks about gambling at Vegas and on Mississippi riverboats. John Finn smiles too as he silently surveys the money still in front of each player.

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