Improving Attendance

Players are attracted to a full game. In fact, they become eager to play in games that are completely filled. So an effective way to expand a game is to fill it. For example, if eight players are the maximum for a game, the good player may make sufficient telephone calls to invite nine or ten players--or more. When the game is so crowded that some players cannot be seated, an interesting phenomenon occurs . . . irregular players become regular players, and the scheduled starting time becomes rigidly adhered to. Good attendance is also encouraged by keeping the game well organized and by maintaining the proper atmosphere. Excess attendance means excess players who can be shifted to other games.

John tries to keep the Monday night game filled. The full game helps draw the big losers back each week. The crowded table and fast action excite the players, especially poor players like Sid and Ted who feel they are missing something if left out of the action.

A packed game increases John's flexibility. With excess players, he can increase the stakes and pace more quickly since the loss of one or two players would not seriously hurt the game. Excess players also lessen the need for him to reduce his earnings in order to keep losers from quitting.

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