GAMEMonday weekly PERIOD

Pace and stakes—Fast pace is near maximum..Pressure for higher stakes. Average maximum win: +$550 Average maximum loss: -$450

Performance of opponents-- Average and fairly stable. Quintin is improving. Scotty, Aaron, and Ted are deteriorating.

Regular players-- John Finn, Quintin Merck, Sid Bennett, Ted Fehr, Scotty Nichols.

New or occasional players-- Aaron Smith, Mike Bell, Charlie Holland, Mac Zimmerman, Jim Todd, Jake Fehr, Lee Pennock, Jeff Klien.

Games played-- Draw and stud with twists, high-low, and qualifiers. Occasionally use wild cards and the Bug.

Betting-- In draw, $25 opens, then $50 in subsequent rounds. In stud, $5 first card, then increase by $5 for each additional card. Twists are free 80% ofbets are at the maximum.

Raising-- Right-to-bet rule. Normally three raises. With only two players, raises are unlimited. Check raises okay.

Attitudes-- Generally good. Sid continues to cheat without problems. No one resentful or in danger of quitting.

Personal performance-- Good, but leveling off in effort. Areas to improve—Increase focus on broader aspects of the game. Increase flexibility in style during early rounds.

Miscellaneous-- Stakes are ready to move up to next level. Try doubling stakes for the last round in the next few games.

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