• 32 ] Professionals who get involved with establishments or cliques usually limit their potentials and acquire rigid, stereo-typed characteristics that the good player can identify. Once he has identified the stereotyped characteristics of those professionals, the good player can predict their actions and consistently beat them--even when they cheat. The good player or superior professional, on the other hand, usually remains independent and avoids stereotyped characteristics. And often his opponents never realize that he is a good player who is winning all of their money.
  • 33 ] Most public-game professionals admire and respect the good poker player and readily accept him into their establishment (especially in Gardena and Las Vegas). Their ready acceptance of the good player seems contradictory to their best interests since such acceptance increases competition for the losers' money. But those professionals both respect and fear the independent good player. He is a threat to their system. They eliminate that threat by making him a part of their system. By contrast, the private or non establishment good player tries to get rid of any competing player who is good enough to drain money from the game.
  • 34 ] Classical cheating (e.g., stacking specific hands, second dealing, holding out cards) seldom occurs in club or casino poker. Occasionally amateurs, strangers, or newcomers attempt classical cheating in public poker. But since their techniques are almost always crude, they are usually caught and banished from the game. Few professional cheaters today approve of or practice that kind of obsolete mechanical cheating. New cheating methods (called Neocheating) are so much easier, more effective, and essentially undetectable.
  • 35 ] Likewise, not all private-game professionals are independent loners or above cheating.
  • 36 ] Chronic or heavy losers might even sue those card clubs and casinos in which they had systematically lost money to professional cheaters. But those losers would probably need corroboration from several professional cheaters to support any serious litigation.

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