• 20 ] See Chapters XXIX-XXXI for details about undetectable, professional cheating.
  • 21 ] Carmack v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue. 183 E 2d l (5th Cir. 1950).
  • 22 ] According to the United states Excise Tax Regulation 4401 (paragraphs 4020-4032) poker winnings are not subject to the 10 percent excise wagering tax. And according to Regulation 4411 (paragraphs 4075-4083) poker players, even professional players, are not required to register and purchase the wagering Occupational Tax stamp.
  • 23 ] 1965 is the last year John Finn's poker records and tax returns were made available. With inflation and expanded poker action, John Finn's annual poker income is estimated at $200,000 for 1980.

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