Face Card--Any picture card.

Faced--(1) A face-up card. (2) To receive a face card.

Fall of the Cards--The order in which cards are dealt.

False Cut-- A cheater's cut in which the stacked portion of the deck remains intact on top of the deck. False Openers-- A hand that has been opened improperly.

False Riffle--A cheater's riffle used to keep stacked cards undisturbed after riffling.

False Shuffle--See Blind Shuffle.

Family Pot-- A pot in which everyone calls the bet.

Farm System--Several poker games at different stakes under control of a good player. Fast Game-- A game with a fast betting pace. Fatten--To increase the money in the pot (Sweeten).

Feeble Phoebe--Like Hollywood, except table cards are turned over two at a time and played for high and low.

Feed the Pot--To bet or raise foolishly.

Feeler Bet-- A small or nominal bet made to seek out strength or raising tendencies of opponents. Fever-- A five.

Filling--Drawing and then catching a full house, flush, or straight. Fin--Five dollars.

Finger Poker-- A game run on credit.

Finn Poker--To play poker with the objective of winning maximum money.

First Jack Deals--A method to determine who has the first deal. First Hand--The first player allowed to bet a hand. Fish--An easy or a poor player. Fish Hook-- A seven or a jack.

Five and Dime--A hand containing a five and a ten with three unpaired cards in between.

Five-Card Stud--Stud poker played with one hole card and four exposed cards.

Five of a Kind--Five cards of the same value.

Fix--To prearrange the cards or stack the deck.

Fixed Limit--Betting with agreed-upon limits or maximums.

Flash--(1) To expose concealed cards (2) To turn up a common card for everyone's use when insufficient cards are available to complete a stud game. (3) Five cards, one of each suit plus the joker.

Flat Limit-- A game in which only one consistent amount is allowed for all bets and raises.

Flat Poker--Poker with a blind open.

Flicker Flicker--Five-card, high-low stud.

Flinger--A wild or crazy player.

Flip Stud--Five-card stud in which the optional hole card and matching hole cards are wild.

Floorman--(1) A cardroom manager. (2) Shift boss in a casino.

Flop--The first three exposed cards in hold 'em poker.

Flush--Five cards of the same suit.

Foiling the Cut-- A cheater's method of returning cards to their original position after a cut.

Poker Book, Glossary

Fold--To drop out of a hand by not calling the bet or raise (Drop).

Football-- A stud game similar to baseball involving sixes and threes as wild cards.

Force-in-- A mandatory blind bet, usually with an option to raise.

Foul Hand-- A hand containing the wrong number of cards.

Four Flush--Four cards of the same suit.

Four-Flusher--(1) A cheater. (2) One who tries to win pots by purposely miscalling his hand.

Four Forty Four--Eight-card stud with fours wild.

Four of a Kind--Four cards of the same value (Fours).

Fox--an expert player.

Freak-- A joker or a wild card.

Freak Hands--Nonstandard poker hands such as Blazers, Dutch Straights, Kilters, and Skeets. Free Ride--Playing without paying.

Free Roll-- A lock on half the pot with a chance to win the whole pot.

Free Wheeler-- A bankrupt player allowed to play free until he wins a pot.

Freeze Out-- A rule requiring player to leave the game after losing a certain amount of cash.

Freezer-- A call for less than the amount of the bet in table stakes (Short Call).

Friend-- A card that improves a hand.

Full House, Full Barn, or Full Tub--Three of a kind with another pair (Full Hand).

Fundamental Position--The value of a player's hand relative to the other player's hands.

Fuzzing--Mixing the cards by continuously stripping off the top and bottom cards (Milking, Snowing Cards).

Gaff--A cheater's device or technique. Gallery--Nonplaying spectators.

Gambler--A player who wagers money at unfavorable edge odds.

Gambler's Last Charge--A game played with five hand cards and five table cards with the last card turned up being wild when matched in one's hand (If).

Gambling--Betting money at unfavorable investment and edge odds.

Game Behavior--Artificial behavior used in a poker game.

Game Pace--Betting done on various hands compared to betting normally done on those hands. Gang Cheating--Two or more players cheating in collusion. Gap--The missing space (card) required to fill a straight. Garbage--The discards.

Gardena, California—The Mecca for public club poker. Gardena Razz--See Razz (2). Ge-- A pair.

Ghost Hand--A hand that reappears on the next deal because of inadequate shuffling. Giant Twist-- A twist allowing the exchange of up to all of one's cards. Gilet (Gillet or Gile) --An old French card game that was the predecessor of Brelan. Gimmick--See Gaff.

Poker Book, Glossary

Gi-Till-Satisfy--Unlimited giant twisting with progressively increasing costs for new cards. Gleek--{1) Three of a kind. (2) An early English card game. Go--To start dealing.

Go All In--To bet all of one's money in table stakes. Going Better-- A raise. Going In-- A call.

Golden Chairs--Player with four held cards and three table cards with one's low card sometimes played as wild.

Golden Glow--A superior brand of daub. (See Cosmetics.) Good Hand--A winning hand.

Good Player--A player who extracts maximum money from the game.

Grand-- A thousand dollars.

Gravy--One's winnings.

Greek--A cardsharp (Grec).

Greek Bottom--The second card from the bottom dealt by a dishonest player.

Grifter-- A cheater.

Gut Shot--See Belly Hit.

Guts to Open--To allow any value hand to open.

Half-Pot Limit-- A betting limit equal to half the size of the pot.

Hand--The cards dealt to a player.

Hand Cards--Concealed cards that are dealt face-down.

Hand Pace--The extent of betting, calling, raising, and bluffing compared to the size of the pot.

Head to Head--Two people playing poker.

Heavy-- A pot with too much money.

Hedge Bet-- A side bet to limit possible losses.

Heeler-- A kicker.

Heinz--Seven-card stud with fives and sevens wild and also penalty cards. Help--To improve a hand on receiving additional cards in stud or draw poker.

Hidden Declarations-- A rule for declaring high-low hands by concealing different color chips in one's hand.

Highball--Poker in which the highest hand wins.

High-Low-- A game in which the highest and lowest hands split the pot.

High Spade in Hole--Seven-card stud in which the hand with the high spade in the hole divides the pot with the high hand.

Hilo Pocalo--Five-card stud in which the up cards can be refused and passed to the player on the left (Take It or Leave It).

Hit-- A draw or catch that improves one's hand.

Hokum-- A stud variation providing an option to receive cards face-up or face-down.

Hold 'em (Hold Me Darling)-- A seven-card game with two face-down cards for each player and five face-up cards for everyone's use (Tennessee Hold Me, Texas Hold 'em). Hold Out--To cheat by concealing a card or cards for future use.

Hold Out Device-- A mechanical device used by cheaters to hold out a card or cards (See Bug, Lizard, Spider).

Hole Cards--Cards dealt face-down in stud.

Hole-Card Stud--Five-card stud in which betting starts on the first hole card. Hollywood--Fifteen-card Cincinnati with five in each hand and ten table cards. Holy City-- A big hand, usually with aces and picture cards. Honest Readers--The normal marks or irregularities on any deck of cards. Honor Card--A ten or higher value card. Hook-- A jack.

Hot Deck-- A deck from which good hands are being dealt. Hot Hands-- A run of high-value hands.

Hot Pot-- A special pot, usually played for higher stakes (Pistol Stud). Hot Streak--A run of good "luck" or winning hands (Spinner). House-- A person or organization running a poker game for profit. House Cut--The amount cut from pots for the house, club, or casino.

House Game--A poker game in which admission is charged or the pots are cut for the host's profit. Considered illegal in most states.

House Rules--Rules, especially betting, agreed upon by the players. Hoyles--Any accepted rules for card games. Humps--See Belly Strippers.

Hurricane--Two-card poker.

Ideal Edge Odds--The theoretical maximum edge odds, which are impossible to achieve. Idle Card-- A card that adds no value to a hand. "If"--See Gambler's Last Charge.

Ignorant End of a Straight-- The lowest end of a straight, especially in Hold 'em. Immortal--(1) The best possible hand. (2) A certain winner. Improve--To draw cards that improve one's hand. In--To remain in the pot.

In Action--The time when a player is involved in playing his hand. In a Row (Line)--A sequence or a straight.

Index--(1) The number or letter printed on the corners of cards. (2) The marks a cheater puts on the edge of cards.

Indirect Bet--An opponent betting or raising for a player sandbagging a strong hand. Inside Straight-- A broken sequence of four cards, such as three, five, six, seven. Insurance-- A side bet to ensure winning some money in a large pot. Intentional Flashing--Purposely flashing or showing one's closed cards to an opponent. In the Hole--Cards dealt face-down in stud poker.

In the Middle--The position of the players calling bets between two raising players (Middle Man). Investment Odds--The estimated returns on betting investments. Iron Duke--An unbeatable hand (Ironclad Hand).

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