Eagles--The cards of a fifth suit in a sixty-five-card deck.

Early Bet-- A small bet after the first card in stud or the first two cards in draw.

Edge--(1) An advantageous position. (2) The dealer or sometimes the Age.

Edge Odds--The advantage or disadvantage of a player relative to all other players.

Edge Shot-- A bet made from an advantageous position.

Eldest Hand--The first player to the dealer's left.

Elimination—Like Cincinnati, but cards matched with table cards are discarded (Weary Willie). End Bet--The last bet of an interval. End Bets--Last-round bets.

End Strippers--Cards tapered along the ends for cheating. English Poker--Draw played with a blind opening. English Stud-- A stud game with a draw.

Ethics or Etiquette--The understandings and courtesies of which violations do not constitute cheating. Exposed Cards--Cards purposely dealt face-up as in stud.

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