Appendix C Glossary

Over a thousand words and phrases used in poker literature and heard in poker games are defined below While this is the most comprehensive glossary ever compiled, it provides something much more than a long list of colorful jargon: Reading through the glossary provides unique insights into poker, available nowhere else.

A-C Player--The Advanced Concept Player. Aces Up--A pair of aces with one other pair. Action--The betting.

Action Spot--The table area where the betting is occurring. Active Player-- A player competing for a pot.

Add-them-up Lowball--Draw poker where the hand with the lowest point total wins.

Advanced-Concept Player--A player whose style is based on the Advanced Concepts of Poker. (A-C Player).

Advanced Concepts of Poker--The concepts used by the good poker player to win maximum money from opponents.

Advertise--To have a bluff called in order to encourage opponents to call later.

A-game--The highest stake game in the house.

Age--First position to the left of the dealer (A, Able, or Edge).

Agent-- A confederate or collusion partner in cheating.

Alien Card-- A card not belonging to the deck in play.

Alive Card--See Live Card.

All Blue, or All Pink--A flush.

All-In--The betting by a player of all his money on the table. All the Way--Cincinnati with a progressive bet.

Alternate Straight-- A sequence of every other card, such as two, four, six, eight, ten (Dutch Straight, Skipper, Skip Straight).

Ambique-- A French card game that influenced the draw variation of poker.

American Brag-- A game where the raiser shows the first caller his hand and the worst hand folds.

Anaconda-- A seven-card game with bets made on five rolled-up cards.

Announce--To declare high, low, or the moon in high-low poker.

Announced Bet-- A verbal bet made by a player before putting his money in the pot.

Ante--Money put in the pot before dealing.

A Priori Odds--The probability that an event will occur. Arkansas Flush--A four flush.

Around the Comer Straight-- A sequence running from the highest to the lowest values, such as queen, king, ace, two, three.

As Nas--A Persian card game from which poker was directly derived. Assigned Bettor--The player who bets first. Australian Poker--Draw poker with a blind opening. Automatic Bluff--A lowball situation that almost always requires a bluff.

Baby--A small card, usually a five or less.

Back-in--To win by default or unexpectedly.

Backer-- A nonplayer who finances an active player.

Backraise-- A reraise. To make a minimum raise to avoid a larger raise.

Back-to-back-- A pair on the first two cards dealt in stud (Backed Up).

Bait-- A small bet that encourages a raise.

Bank--Where the money from purchased chips is kept.

Banker--The person responsible for selling and cashing chips.

Bank Night--High-low five-card stud with two twists.

Barn-- A full house.

Barracuda--A tough player.

Baseball--A stud game involving nines and threes as wild cards.


Bear-- A tight player.

Beat the Board (Table)--To have a hand better than all others showing.

Beat Your Neighbor-- A five-card game that requires each player in turn to expose his cards until his hand beats the board.

Bedsprings--Similar to Cincinnati except ten cards are dealt face-up for use in everyone's hand.

Belly-Buster Straight--An inside straight.

Belly Hit--When a draw fills an inside straight (Gut Shot).

Belly Strippers--Cards with slightly trimmed edges that taper from a wider center to the ends (Humps).

Best Flush-- A game in which only flushes win the pot.

Bet Into--To bet before another player who apparently has a better hand.

Bet or Get-- A rule that one must either bet or fold with no checking allowed (Bet or Drop, Passout). Bet the Limit--To bet the maximum amount allowed. Bet the Pot--To bet an amount equal to the pot.

Bet the Raise--The maximum bet being twice that of the previous bet or raise.

Betting Interval--The period from the first bet to the last call in any given round.

Betting Pace--The degree, extent, and aggressiveness of bets and raises.

Betting Stakes--The dollar limits of all bets and raises permitted.

Betting Ratios--The differences in maximum bets allowed with each round of betting.

Betty Hutton--Seven-card stud with nines and fives wild.

Bicycle--A straight to the five . . . ace, two, three, four, five (Wheel).

Bid--To declare for high or low in split-pot poker.

Big Bill-- A hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.

Big Blind--The final and largest blind bet.

Big Bobtail-- A four-card straight flush.

Big Cat--Five unpaired cards from the king to the eight.

Big Dog--(1) Five unpaired cards from ace to nine. (2) A big underdog.

Big Full--The highest possible full house.

Big One-- A thousand dollars.

Big Squeeze--Six-card high-low stud with one twist.

Big Tiger--See Big Cat.

Bill-- A dollar or a hundred dollars.

Bird Dog--One who gets players for a game.

Blaze-- A five-card hand containing five picture cards.

Blaze Full-- A full house in picture cards.

Bleed--To slowly bleed money from a game or a player.

Bleeder-- A tight, winning player.

Blind--A mandatory or forced bet before the deal by the first player to the dealer's left. Blind Bet--To bet before looking at one's hand,

Blind Low--Five-card stud bet blind all the way to the last bet. Blind Open--An opening bet made without looking at one's cards.

Blind Shuffle-- A cheater's shuffle used to stack cards or to leave stacked cards undisturbed after shuffling (False Shuffle).

Blind Tiger--Draw poker with a blind open and a blind raise (Open Blind and Straddle). Block System--An ante, open, and first raise automatically done in the blind by the dealer. Blood Poker--A higher-stake poker game played primarily for money rather than for social reasons. Blow Back--A raise after previously calling or checking. Bluff--The attempt to win a pot by making better hands fold.

Blur Intensity--The lightness or darkness of printing visible on partially flashed cards, indicating a high or a low card.

Board--(1) The poker table. (2) All face-up cards in stud or hold 'em. Bobtail Flush or Straight-- A four-card flush or a four-card, open-end straight. Bolt--To fold.

Bone-- A white chip, the lowest denomination chip.

Bonus-- A fixed sum established by house rules that is paid by each player to the holder of a very high-value hand such as a straight flush (Premium, Royalty, Penalties).

Book--A three-card draw.

Boost--To raise.

Border Work—Markings added by cheaters to the printed borderlines of cards to identify their value.

Bottom Deal--To deal cards off the bottom of the deck when cheating.

Bouillotte-- A French card game that influenced the open-card stud variation in poker.

Boxed Card--A card turned the wrong way in a deck. Boy--A jack.

Brag--The betting expression in the English game of Bragg.

Bragg--An English three-card game that influenced the use of the full fifty-two-card deck in poker.

Braggers--Jacks and nines as wild cards. Or the ace of diamonds, the jack of clubs, and the nine of diamonds as wild cards.

Brandeln-- A card game similar to Commerce.


Breathe--To pass the first opportunities to bet.

Brelen--(1) A French card game that influenced the use of straights and flushes in poker. (2) Three of a kind.

Brelen Carre--Four of a kind.

Brief--A single stripper card in a deck used to facilitate illegal cuts.

Buck--(1) A marker used to designate the dealer. (2) A marker or a knife used to designate the player permitted to deal a special hand, usually a hand with a dealer advantage such as draw. (3) A dollar.

Buddy Poker--To avoid betting against a friend or a partner.

Buffalo--To fool opponents.

Bug--(1) The joker used in high-hand poker as an ace or as a wild card for filling straights and flushes. A wild card in lowball. Can be used in high-low as both a high card and a low card in the same hand (Joker). (2) A device fastened beneath the poker table by a cheater to hold out a card or cards.

Bull-- A player who raises frequently.

Bull or Bullet--An ace.

Bull Montana--Five-card stud with betting, then jacks required to open the final bet.

Poker Book, Glossary

Bull the Game--To bluff or bet aggressively. Bump-- A raise.

Buried Card-- A card randomly inserted in the deck. Burn--(1) A full house. (2) To lose a hand. (3) Deal a burn card.

Burned, Burnt, or Burn Card-- (1) An exposed card put face-up on the bottom of the deck (2) A card dealt face down into the discards.

Busted Hand--(1) A worthless hand (Bust). (2) A hand that failed to fill a straight or a flush on the draw. Busy Card--Any card that completes a hand.

Butcher Boy--An open-hand form of poker where four of a kind is needed to win.

Button--(l) A marker used to signify a theoretical dealer when there is a house dealer. (2) A second or third pair.

Buy--(1) To call bets in order to draw cards. (2) To bluff someone out. Buy In--The stack of chips that a player buys at the start of a game. By Me--An expression meaning to pass or check.

California--Draw poker, open on anything.

California Lowball--Low-ball in which ace, two, three, four, five is the best hand. Call--Money put in the pot to match a bet or raise. Calling Station-- A player who calls almost any bet (Telephone Booth). Carding--Noting of exposed cards during a hand.

Poker Book, Glossary

Card Odds--The probabilities of being dealt or drawing to various hands Cardsharp-- A cheater.

Cards Speak-- A rule that the value of a hand is based on what the cards are rather than on what a player declares.

Case Card--The last available card of a particular value or suit. Cash In--To exchange poker chips for cash and then to quit (Cash Out). Casino Poker--Public poker played in gambling casinos. Cat--Any big or little tiger or cat hand.

Catbird Seat-- A position in high-low poker that assures a player at least half the pot. Catch--To be dealt a certain card or hand ... usually a desirable card or hand. Chalk Hand--An almost certain winner. Chase--To stay against a better hand.

Cheater-- A player who intentionally violates the rules to gain advantage unavailable to others. Check--To pass without betting.

Check Blind (Check in the Dark)--To check without looking at one's own cards.

Check Cop-- A paste palmed in a cheater's hand and used to steal poker chips or to hold out cards.

Check Copping--To steal poker chips.

Check Raise--To check and then subsequently raise in the same round of betting. Chicago--Seven-card stud in which the hand with the highest spade wins half the pot. Chicago Pelter-- A kilter.

Chicken Picken-- A game with eleven cards--two cards in hand and nine on the table in rows of three.

Poker Book, Glossary

Chink Ink-- A special ink used by cheaters to mark the edge of cards.

Chip--Money represented by a plastic disc.

Chip Along--To bet the smallest amount possible.

Chip Declaration—To use chips in declaring for high or low.

Chip In--To call a small bet.


Choice Pots--Dealer's choice.

Cinch Hand--A certain winner (A Lock, an Immortal).

Cincinnati—A ten-card game with five in each hand and five face-up for everyone's use (Lame Brains).

Cincinnati Liz--Like Cincinnati, except the lowest face-up card is wild.

Class—Rank of a poker hand.

Closed Card-- A concealed card in one's hand.

Closed Game-- A game barred to newcomers or outsiders.

Closed Hand--The concealed cards in one's hand as in draw poker.

Closed Poker--Any form of poker in which all cards are dealt face-down.

Close to the Chest--To play tight (Close to the Belly).

Club Poker--Poker played in public card clubs. (See Gardena, California.)

C-Note-- A hundred-dollar bill.

Coffee Housing--To act oppositely to one's emotions or situation.

Poker Book, Glossary

Cold Deck--(1) A deck from which poor hands are being dealt. (2) A prestacked deck.

Cold Feet-- A description for a player wanting to quit the game early.

Cold Hands--(1) Showdown hands. (2) A run of poor hands.

Cold Turkey-- A pair of kings, back to back, on the first two cards in five-card stud.

Collection or Axe--See Time Cut.

Collusion--Two or more players working together to cheat other players. Come--See On the Come. Come In--To call.

Come Off--To break up a lower-value hand to draw for a higher-value hand.

Commerce-- A three-card game with three cards in the widow.

Common Card (Communal Card)--An exposed card for use in every player's hand.

Consecutive Declaration-- A rule for declaring high-low hands in consecutive order.

Contract--To declare for high or low at the conclusion of split-pot poker.

Contract Poker--High-low split-pot poker with oral declarations.

Cop--To steal chips from the pot.

Corner Card--An eight-card game--five cards in hand and three on the table, with the last card up and all like it as wild.

Corner Flash--To tear off a corner of a foreign card and to flash it as a real card in one's hand.

Cosmetics--Preparations such as ashes, waxes, abrasives, aniline pencils, and luminous inks used by cheaters for marking cards (Daub).

Counter--(1) One chip. (2) A player who continuously counts his chips. Count Cards--The jack, king, and queen (Court Cards, Face Cards, Picture Cards).

Coup-- A brilliant play. Cowboy-- A king. Crank--To deal.

Crazy Otto--Five-card stud with the lowest card as wild.

Crimp (Bridge)--To bend and hump the upper or lower section of the deck to make a false or an illegal cut. (See Debone)

Crisscross--Same as Southern Cross except five cards are laid out with the center one wild.

Crooked-Honest System (C-H System)--The system of two cheaters in partnership: One catches a strong hand, and he signals the other to raise, thus squeezing all callers (Cross Life, Crossfire).

Cross (The Cross)--Like Cincinnati, except the five cards are in a cross formation with the center card and all similar cards as wild.

Crosscards--A ten-hand poker solitaire game (Patience Poker). Crossfire--See Crooked-Honest System.

Crossover-- A combination of draw and stud poker involving wild cards.

Cull--To arrange or cluster good cards together for cheating.

Curfew--The agreed-upon quitting lime.

Curse of Mexico--The deuce of spades.

Curse of Scotland--The nine of diamonds.

Customer--An opponent who calls.

Cut the Cards--Putting the bottom cards of a deck on top of the deck.

Cut the Pot--Money withdrawn from pots for a purpose, such as to pay for refreshments.

Dame--A queen.

Daub--See Cosmetics (Golden Glow brand). Dark Bet-- A blind bet. Dead Cards--Discarded or folded cards. Dead Hand--A foul hand that cannot be played.

Dead Man's Hand—Usually aces and eights, two pair. Sometimes aces and eights, full house ... or jacks and eights, two pair.

Deadwood--Dead cards.

Deal--To distribute cards to the players.

Dealer--(1) A person who deals the cards. (2) The operator of a gambling game in a casino. Dealer-Advantage Game-- Any game where the dealer has an advantage. Dealer's Choice--The selection by dealer of game to be played.

Dealer's Percentage—Any game offering the dealer a significant advantage (Dealer's Game, Dealer's Advantage).

Deal Off--To deal the final hand of the game. Deal Out--To omit a player from a hand.

Debone-- A card or portion of a deck that has been crimped lengthwise or crosswise. Deception--An important and accepted tool of poker. Deck--All the cards used in the game (Pack) Declare--To announce if going for high or low.

Deep Low--The lowest hand for any card (i.e., a deep seven is an ace, two, three, four, seven). Defensive Bet-- A bet designed to decrease one's potential loss. Dent--To mark cards by creasing their corners (Rounding). Deuce--A two.

Deuces Wild--Playing all deuces as wild cards. Devil's Bedposts-- A four of clubs. Diamond--See Poker Diamond.

Dig--To replenish one's stake or money while playing a hand. Discard--To exchange old cards for new cards during the draw or twist. Disproportionate Bet-- A peculiar bet or a bet much larger or smaller than the normal bet. Doctor Pepper--Seven-card stud with deuces, fours, and tens wild.

Dog--(1) Any big-dog or little-dog hand. (2) An underdog. Doghouse Cut--Any cut that divides the deck into more than two stacks.

Double--To raise.

Double-Barreled Shotgun-- High-low draw with four rounds of betting after the draw as each card is turned face-up (Texas Tech).

Double Bluff-- A bluff made by making a bluff bet on the final round and then reraising a subsequent raise.

Double-End Straight--See Bobtail.

Double Header--(1) A pot not won that passes to the next deal. (2) A second game that follows an earlier one.

Doubling Up--Betting twice as much as the previous bet.

Down and Dirty--The final hole card dealt in seven-card stud. Down Cards--Cards dealt face-down. Down the Chute--To take a heavy loss. Down the River--Seven-card stud.

Drag (Snatch)--Money separated from a pot to signify the amount owed by a player (Light).

Draw--The exchange of a card or cards for new ones.

Draw Out--To catch the winning hand with the last card or with draw cards.

Draw Poker--One of the two basic forms of poker (the other is stud). Played as a closed five-card hand with a closed draw.

Drawing Dead—Drawing a hand that cannot win. Drib--An inferior player.

Driller-- A loose player. A player who bets and raises frequently. Driver's Seat--The player holding the best advantage. Drop or Drop Out--To retire from a hand by not calling a bet or raise (Fold). Drum--To play tight.

Drummer or Drummer Boy-- A tight player. Dry--To be out of money (Broke).

DTC Method--The technique of good poker . . . Discipline, Thought. and then Control. Duck-- A deuce.

Duffer--An inexperienced or poor player. Duke-- A hand of cards.

Dutch Straight--See Alternate Straight. Dynamite--A two-card poker game.

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