Place to Play

A game kept in one location is easier to organize, which benefits the good player. Usually, at least one player is willing to establish the game at his house permanently. The good player seldom plays in his own house in order to avoid the impression that it is "his game." If necessary, a player is induced to keep the game permanently at his house by, for example, cutting the pot for weekly cleaning expenses.

Playing at the same location each week offers the following advantages:

  • The game is more stable.
  • The burden of locating suitable places to play is eliminated.
  • Players not contacted always know where the game is.

Still a game played at a different location each week offers advantages:

  • There is closer control over who is invited (e.g., undesirable players, such as other good players, cannot drop in and play if they do not know where the game is located).
  • There is more flexibility because the game can easily be changed to locations offering the greatest advantage.
  • The possibility of a robbery (particularly in a high-stakes game) is decreased.

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