Your hand JJA Flop ATAv

The big blind checks to you and you bet. The button folds and the big blind calls. Turn: 3v

The button checks and you bet. All of a sudden the big blind check raises you. It would be incorrect to automatically assume you are up against an Ace here and fold. In fact, you could easily be up against a hand like JvTv who picked up a flush draw along with his middle pair of T's. There are many players who do not have the creativity to make this play, but there are many who can, especially in the shorthanded games. Your decision to play on or to fold is dependent upon your opinion of the aggressiveness and the trickiness of this player. Keep in mind that players tend to play more aggressive in shorthanded games, so there are more reasons to call in this spot in shorthanded games than in full games.

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