When you are Raised on the Turn

Getting raised on the Turn is not fun when you do not have a quality hand. It means someone either has a better hand already or is trying to make a move on you.

If you are raised by a late position player on the Turn, it could mean several things, amongst them are:

  1. He has the better hand
  2. He has a hand that may or not be better than yours, he is raising for a "free showdown"
  3. He is semi-bluffing with a worse hand, but he has outs
  4. He is bluffing or he has the worst hand without realizing it

These are difficult situations to analyze. The analysis will depend on the characteristics of your opponent. If he is a passive player, then a raise will almost always mean he has the better hand, and you should probably fold. If he is an aggressive, tricky player, then he could have any of the four possible hands listed. Against the passive, predictable player, the decision is easy, against the unpredictable player it is not. This is one of the reasons why it is better to have the unpredictable players to your right, where they will usually have to act before you act.

If an early position player has check-raised, it is more likely that he has the better hand. He is committing himself not only to a raise, but also to a bet on the River. An early position player does not have the advantages of being able to get a free showdown with a raise on the Turn.

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