When there is a raise and more than bet to call

Instead of having to call one bet, sometimes there will be two bets to call on the Turn. This can happen if there is a bet from one player, and then a raise from another player, and two bets need to be called in order to stay in the hand. Notice that it is possible it may wind up to be even more bets as other players can still raise, but lets focus on the situation when we know it is only two bets.

The assumption spelled out in the DIPO method is that the player only has to call one bet. If there are two bets, then an adjustment needs to be made. The simple adjustment is to double the Bad Number. The Bad Number would now equal NonOuts x 2 big bets. If the Good Number is still greater than the Bad Number, then the pot odds are enough to call. If the Good Number is now less than the Bad Number, then the pot odds are not enough to call. If there are three bets, then multiply the Bad Number by three and make the same comparison versus the Good Number. Keep in mind that if there is a bet and a raise, it may be prudent to adjust the number of possible outs you may have as two players are indicating they have strong hands.

Lets take a look at an example. You are on the button with A AT*. A decent player raises in early position and two players call. You decide to call, and the two blinds call as well. Six players see the Flop with 6 big bets in the pot already.

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