Of having the best hand Last to act

Aggressive players may bet on the River when they are first to act because they do not want to miss a bet if they are ahead. Against the players who may bet for value with little edge, a raise as a bluff has a greater chance of succeeding. If they bet with little edge, your raise may convince them that their original evaluation was wrong. Against passive players who are less likely to bet for value, a raise will not work as often, because they are usually in the mode of checking and calling. When passive players check they are not giving you any information about the strength of their hand. But passive players can bluff too. When they have a legitimate hand, some passive players are more likely to check with the intention of calling. They are less likely to bet for value. So when they do bet, it means either they have a great hand or they are bluffing. If you know your opponents well, then you will have a good idea of when and how often they like to bluff.

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