Middle Position Play Common Mistake Dont limp along with nondrawing hands

A common mistake many players make is to limp in middle position, without holding a drawing hand, after a horde of players have limped into the pot. If you are in middle position and three other players have limped, you can limp along with hands like 9*8* and A^ 5 ♦. But other hands that may be as strong or stronger in other situations will not play as well in multiple player pots like this. Such hands include A*7V and K A9*, which should be thrown away in this spot. These are good hands to raise as a late position blind stealing hand, but they have major problems in multiple player pots. The problems include kicker problems (others may be limping with dominating hands like AA9^, Kv Jv) and drawing problems (if you make a straight with either A*7 V or K A9*, it is possible that someone has a better straight).

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