Late Position Play Common Mistake Calling raises with high cards

In an earlier section of this chapter, I discussed the issue of calling with AQo against a tight early position raiser. The same concept applies to other hands in late position when a middle position player raises. Often, players will indiscriminately call raises with hands such as K*Q A and A^T*. If the raiser is a reasonable player with reasonable raising standards and is raising from middle position, then typically these hands should be folded. Oftentimes a legitimate raiser will have dominating hand over K*Q A and A^T* with hands such as A*KA and AvQ V. Calling a raise when there is a good chance you are either dominated or facing a big pair is not a pleasant way to play poker.

On the other hand if you are on the button and an aggressive player open-raises in the cutoff seat, you can consider re-raising with K*Q A and A^ T*. The difference is that the player in the cutoff is raising with a wide variety of hands. Calling a raise gives the blinds too much equity to call and see the Flop. It would be better to re-raise and play the hand heads-up because you likely have the best hand and these hands play better in heads-up situations.

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