Having an Ace is more useful in Shorthanded games than Full games

Having an A is more useful in shorthanded games because there will be plenty of hands where no player has a pair. Also, because players are playing more hands, it is less likely to run into a player with two pair (like A's and 6's) when you only have a split pair of A's.

Let's take a look at a Flop like 8-6-3 when you have AK. In full games, some players may be willing to play hands such as A8, A6, and A3. In shorthanded games, the same players are willing to add these hands: K8, Q8, 98, 76,87, T8, and 65. They are less likely to hold an A in shorthanded games, so you will not have to be as worried about the A making someone else two pair (when you make a pair) as you would in a full game. Also, AK has an increased value as a showdown hand.

In shorthanded games, players may be willing to call down to the River with any A, but no pair. In such a case, AK is a strong hand since it is the nut no-pair.

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