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As mentioned in a previous section, fluctuations in online poker can be higher than in brick and mortar casinos. If you play at a few different online sites, this may cause some interesting results. It could look like you are killing the players at one site, but are getting killed by the players at another site. You may start to think that generally players at one site are much better than players at another site. Although it is likely there is some difference in skill among the population of players at different sites, the difference in general skill is probably not very large. For the most part, the fallback opinion should be that the difference in profits and loss is a result of randomness and luck, good luck at one site, bad luck at another. Due to the large fluctuations at online poker, this can easily happen. If you ask those that bet sports you will find a similar situation. Some sports bettors seem to make money hand over fist at one online sportsbook but cannot beat another online sportsbook. They are constantly trying to transfer money out of one account and into the other. Often they will think that the book they are losing to is extremely sharp, and maybe they should not bet there anymore, but typically the true reasons are fluctuation and luck.

With that said, there still may be some logical reasons for these differences in winnings other than plain luck, here's a list of these possible reasons.

  1. The site you are winning at has worse players in general and the one you are losing at has better players. As I mentioned before, I do not think the difference in skill level is large, but it can still exist.
  2. You are playing in shorthanded games at one site and in full games at another. Your game fits one better than the other.
  3. You are being cheated at the site you are losing on.
  4. There is a software glitch or quirk at the site that you are losing on and someone else has figured it out

We can control reasons #1 and #2. It should not take too much effort and concentration to determine if either of these issues is the case. If you are indeed a good player, you should be able to identify the weaknesses of other players, and your opinion of the quality of the players at the different sites should be valid. If you notice that you are playing in shorthanded games at one site and in full games at another, then you may want to think about whether your game is more suited for one than the other. Maybe the aggressiveness and the fast play of the shorthanded games do not fit your style. Maybe the patience that is needed at a full table is something that you lack. These issues we can control and make adjustments for.

It is reasons #3 and #4 that we would have problems with and have little control over, and that is discussed in the next section.

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