Calling in Late Position vs Calling in Middle Position

I advocate playing many more hands in late position compared to middle position. In late position, the chart shows to call or raise with 17.4% of all situations, while in middle position only call or raise with 11.8% of all situations. Raisable hands increase from 5.8% (middle position) to 11.4%

(late position), while callable hands stay the same at 6.0%. In fact, two of the calling categories decrease to 0% in late position. In the situations of "When there are no other callers" and "When there is just one raise and no other players yet", I suggest never calling in either case when in late position. In those situations, you should either fold or raise. Notice the big jump in the situation of "When there are no other callers" from raising with 11.2% of the hands in middle position to raising with 25.8% of the hands in late position. Hands such as K^Tv and Q*JV are now raisable hands from the button if no one else has come in, but were hands that should be mucked in middle position.

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