Book knowledge versus execution and experience

Learning poker by reading good books is a great exercise. If you are reading the right books, you will be able to help your own game. Reading good books will give you new ideas that you may not have thought about. It may also clarify your own ideas. However reading cannot replace actual experience and it may not improve your execution of the hand. You will know how to play a hand correctly after thinking about it for a few minutes, but that will not help you during the hand if you do not execute correctly. Two things are needed in order to execute the correct play. The first is to identify the situation when the play can be used profitably. The second is to actually put it in play without giving your intentions away. The game of poker goes quite fast, so you will have to identify the correct situations very quickly and then execute properly. Thinking about certain situations and reading up on the ones that this book has covered will help you get to that point a lot faster once you are playing at the tables, but experience cannot be replaced. You still have to go out there and play, and execute the correct plays, and that is easier said than done for some people.

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