Board QAv

If your opponent has a pair, then it is possible that you have 6 outs, as any A or K could turn your hand from a loser to a winner. But if your opponent holds a card that matches the board and one of your hole cards (in this case, an A or K), then you actually only have 3 outs. For example, in the above hand, if he had A*2 ♦, then your only outs are the three other K's in the deck. Although any

A will improve your hand to a pair of A's, it improves his hand from a pair of 2's to two pair.

Another frequent occurrence is when a card that gives you a pair actually gives the other player a straight. In a case like that, it may be that a card that you thought was an out for you is actually an out for him, and he was the one chasing. For example:

0 0

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