Bluffing on the Flop while on the Button

Sometimes you will call in late position after several other players have already limped in. Whether or not you are on the button is unimportant, so long as all the players to your left have folded, which in effect makes you the button as you will be last to act after the Flop. If the Flop comes with one high card and two low cards, such as Q32, and everyone checks to you, this is a nice opportunity to make a bluff regardless of the cards you hold. The reason is that a player with a Q would likely have made a bet along the way, so if it is checked to you, there is now a higher chance that no one has a Q. This is a better flop than a flop with three low cards, because in those flops, loose players may be willing to call with any two overcards, such as K9 and A8 with a flop of 732. But with the Q out there, players with hands like K9 and A8 may think they only have one overcard, and those with JT will think they have no overcards, so they are more likely to fold to a bet with the Q on the board. If anyone calls, they would likely have a hand such as a straight draw with a hand like 54, A5, A4, which means you may now have to keep betting if they check and no other low card or A comes.

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