Your hand V

Action to you: Players A, B, and C all call. Player D folds. Player E raises to $60. Player F and the small blind fold. The pot is now $195.

Question: Do you fold, call, or raise?

Answer: You're the big blind, so it costs you only $30 more to call with $195 in the pot. You should call because of the combination of the expressed and implied pot odds. The expressed pot odds are 6.5-to-l. The odds against your improving to trips on the flop are about 7-to-l against. (You don't have to worry about odds after that, because if you don't improve on the flop with your low pair, you'll be out of the hand.) The expressed odds aren't quite enough to justify a call, but if you hit your trips, you'll likely win a substantial pot, so your implied odds are excellent.

If you're alert, you should have one additional concern about the hand. There are three live players who are still to act behind you. If one of them decides to raise, you may not be getting the odds you need when the betting comes around to you again.

While I agree you should be a little concerned, the fact is that you rarely see this move (the limp followed by the reraise) in online play. For that matter, you rarely see it in live tournaments either, although it used to be a fairly common move. I've made that play a few times myself. You should always be alert to live players behind you, but here you should just go ahead and call anyway.

Action: You call for $30. Players A, B, and C also call. The pot is now $315.

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