When the Bad Card Hits

You're playing a solid hand, and you believe your opponent is on a draw. On fifth street, a card hits which either puts three flush cards on the board, or seems to help a hand drawing at a straight. Your opponent bets. What do you do?

There are no easy answers to questions like this, but here are a few guidelines.

  1. If he's betting at two or more people, fold. It's just too likely that one of you is going to call him, and he knows that, so his bet represents real strength.
  2. If he is a known bluffer, call. Sometimes he'll have the hand he's representing, and you'll feel stupid. But you'll pick off enough bluffs to make the call a profitable play.
  3. If he's not a known bluffer, be sure to check the pot odds. With odds of 1 -to-1 or 1,5-to-1, you should tend to fold. With odds better than 2-to-l, you should tend to call.

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    When the bad card hits poker?
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