The Fourth Street Continuation

Many times you will find yourself in the same position on fourth street that you had on the flop. You have a hand, and it might be the best one, but it might not. You took the lead in the betting either before or after the flop, or both. Your opponent might fold if you bet, but you can't know for sure. You can try a continuation bet on fourth street. Just lead out with a bet of about half the pot. As before, you're not risking much money and you're getting very favorable odds. If the bet wins the pot one time in three, you've at least broken even. And no matter how your opponent responds, you'll have learned something about the strength of his hand.

It's important to have alternate approaches to the same end, as a way of varying your play and making yourself hard to read. Let's suppose you led out before the flop, and after the flop you find yourself with a pair and a relatively weak kicker. Your normal move would be to lead out with a continuation bet to define your hand. Once in a while, however, you should just check. If the hand is checked behind you, lead out with a continuation bet on fourth street instead. This approach will still give you some information, while at the same time representing that the fourth street card helped your hand in some way.

Always be on the lookout for creative ways to gain information while remaining inscrutable.

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