Hand Analysis

Calculating pot odds is a simple enough business. Look at the pot look at the chips required to call, and make some rough adjustments if there could be more action in the hand. Divide one by the other, and you have your pot odds.

s. If pot odds is mostly a science, hand analysis is mostly an art. Here you have to figure out what hands your opponent might be playing that would account for his bets so far, and then how likely 0ach of those hands is, and then figure out how likely you are to beat each of those hands, given the hand you have. At the end of this process, you'll have a probability that you can win the hand, tt will necessarily be a rough estimate, based in part on what you know about this opponent in this kind of situation. But it will give you a number to compare to the pot odds you already know, and in most cases, comparing those two numbers will yield a clear decision from a murky situation.

Before we can proceed with some real-life examples, we need a couple of technical details. Let's take a look at some probabilities of winning certain hand match-ups and the technique Of calculating outs.

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