Fourth Street KV

Question: What now?

Answer: The king didn't help you, but it may not have hurt you. Here's the problem, however, with bad position. You still have to lead here, and you're stepping into darkness. If you check, you'll still have to call a bet, and betting first gives you a chance to win the pot. I'd recommend a fourth-

street continuation bet here, betting a little more than half the pot, something in the range of $ 150 to $220. With just a pair of jacks, you're not strong enough for a check-raise, so just make a straight value bet and see what happens.

Action: You actually bet $50, and the big blind calls. The pot is now $480.

Not a good choice of bet size. Remember that poker is first and foremost a game of information. Sometimes a larger bet is actually a defensive move, a way of protecting your whole stack, by sacrificing a few extra chips to get more information about the hand.

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