Fourth Street K

Question: What should you bet now?

Answer: With your trip kings, it looks like you'll win the hand easily unless he's on a flush draw and hits his flush on the end. You need to bet enough so that he's not getting the right odds to draw to his flush, but you also want to extract some more money in case he's chasing you with some lesser holding and is inclined to play. You both have much more than the pot at this point — your chip count is $830, his is $860.

Against most opponents you should bet about $250 here. To call, he would have to put in $250 for a pot of $620, about 2.5-to-l odds. He's more than 4-to-l to hit his flush, so it's a blunder for him to call if he knows what you have.

Action: You actually bet $200, and he calls. The pot is now $770.

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