Answer: Flop A clearly has great texture. There are no flushes on board, the cards are widely scattered so no open-ended straight draws are possible, and there are no high cards except our queen. You should like this flop a lot; you very likely have the best hand here, and you should plan on betting aggressively.

Flop B isn't so nice. You have a pair of queens and an open-ended straight draw. But someone holding king-jack may have already made a straight. Plus, there are two flush cards on board, so someone may be drawing at a diamond flush. You'll need to play this hand very carefully.

Flop C is even worse. Now you have a pair of queens and an inside straight draw (a ten gives you a straight). But you're a big underdog to anyone holding an ace or a king, which is very likely. In addition, someone playing jack-ten has already made his straight. Unless the betting is weak, this is a hand you'll have to throw away.

You can use the texture of the flop to generate some good stealing opportunities.

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