Continuation Bets

A continuation bet is a bet made after the flop by the player who took the lead in betting before the flop. Its name derives from the fact that it continues the action begun on the previous round. It's a very important bet, which you'll find yourself both using and combating throughout a tournament.

For a bet to qualify as a continuation bet, the following conditions must hold:

  1. The player making the bet was the betting leader before the flop.
  2. After the flop, no other bets have yet been made.
  3. The player making the bet missed the flop.

Under these circumstances, the pre-flop betting leader can consider making a continuation bet, even though the flop didn't help him.

When you make a continuation bet, you're obviously hoping to pick up the pot right there. Although the flop missed you, your opponent doesn't know that yet. The flop may have missed him as well. Since you indicated strength before the flop, your opponent probably assumed you had a better hand than he did, and if he missed the flop and you now bet, it would be natural for him to lay down his hand.

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